Siberian Kittens

Update 1/8/23

Hazy is expecting Kittens mid August!

Check back with us then to see kitten pics!

Siberians are amazing, lovely cats that have often been described as dog-like in their personality. We became interested in Siberians when we heard that they were hypoallergenic. I am allergic to cats and loved the idea of being able to have one in the house again. We started with three kittens, and even with that number, I have not had any allergy problems with them here in the house. We have not been disappointed with the personality of this breed either, and enjoy their laid back, personable ways. The fact they they are beautiful cats just adds to what a great breed Siberians are.

Both Hazy and Kowboy have been tested for hereditary health problems. Hazy carries a recessive gene for a mild condition, but ecause this gene is  recessive, the condition does not affect the animal. Kowboy does not carry it so any kittens they produce should be free of tested health problems. 

Each kitten will come with a kitten contract and is sold as a pet (no breeding rights) unless other arrangements are made. We offer a one year health gaurantee which is covered in the contract. Kittens will come with their first two sets of shots and an inidividual examination report by a veterinarian. Kittens will be sent home at 12 weeks of age or later. All names are purely to tell the kittens apart! You can definitely choose your own name for your kitten.

I am happy to answer questions and give more information on any kitten you might be interested in! Please feel free to call or text me at 509-386-7920 or email me at

Krasa Amurax-Hazy Blue Mist

Hazy is a blue lynx point with white that I purchased and imported from Russia when she was a kitten. Her sire has won a number of awards at cat shows. She is a lovely girl who likes to talk to us through out the day, and is pretty laid back as is so common with the Siberian Breed. She has been a wonderful dedicated mama with her kittens. Hazy is registered with CFA and TICA. 

Taiga Star Kowboy

(Kowboy had a Lion Cut done several months before this pics was taken and it is only partially grown in. His normal coat is long and dense.)

Kowboy is a brown spotted tabby with white who I also purchased and imported from Russia when he was a kitten. His sire is a World Champion and a whopping 20 pounds! Kowboy is not quite a big as his sire, but still a nice hefty boy. He is extremely easy going and laid back, such a lovely cat to have around. Kowboy is registered with both CFA and TICA. 

The Kittens

PomPom 3 5wks

Pom Pom - SOLD
Blue Tabby with White

This girl is one big poof ball, like a pom pom! She is the only girl in this litter but holds her own with her brothers. Sweet little girl.

Happy 4 5wks

Happy - SOLD
Blue Lynx Point with White

Happy is our biggest kitten and also one of the most adventurous. Always right there to greet you. Named for his happy, outgoing personality. 

Smudge 3 5wks

Smudge - SOLD
Blue Tabby with White

Smudge is named for the smudges of gray all along his back. A sweet little boy who is bright and happy. 

Buster 2 5wks

Buster - SOLD
Blue Lynx Point with White

Buster is a sweet little guy about the middle of the pack size-wise, a cautious and curious boy. 

Shadow 1 5wks

Shadow - SOLD
Blue Lynx Point with White

Shadow is an unassuming little guy who really is kinda like a little shadow. He is happy to hang out in the background and observe before making his decision on what to do next. Thoughtful, sweet little guy. 

Blip 1 5wks

Blip - SOLD
Blue Lynx Point with White

Blip is our little runt. He is doing fine, but is a tiny guy right now. He is a sweety pie. A little tentative at first but once he feels confident, he’s out there playing with all the others. 

Past Kittens


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