Updated 10/1/17

See the kids page for this years kids available.


QHF Dominic Toretto $500
 Reserve Champion Junior Buck OFFF 2018 

Too many bucks and need to make some hard decisions! Dom is a friendly easy care kinda guy. Settle his first doe last fall so it proven. Lots of fleece on this guy! I still need to send in his permanent registration, but I think he will be a Type B with some Type A characteristics. 

Dominic and Sebastian live together in the buck pen now so it would be great if they could go together. It is always less stressful for two to go to a new farm together!


Sebastian $150 (or $50 if companion for Dominic)

Grand Champion Wether OFFF 2014 & 2017)

I have decided to sell Sebastian to cut back on goat numbers. He is a fiber monster and will provide lots of great fiber for you. He is Type B (with Type A characteristics I would say). He is registered as caramel but has aged to basically white. He is a pretty big boy, but is pretty easy going MOST of the time (occasionally will decide that he doesn’t want to do what you want and then you just need to be ready to tell him he DOES want to do what you want. :-) 

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