Updated 10/1/17


QHF Dominic Toretto $450
Pygora Buck
Reserve Champion Junior Buck OFFF 2017
1st place in fleece show OFFF 2018

Too many bucks and need to make some hard decisions! Dom is a friendly easy care kinda guy. Settle his first doe last fall so it proven. Lots of fleece on this guy! I still need to send in his permanent registration, but I think he will be a Type B with some Type A characteristics. 

Dominic and Sebastian live together in the buck pen now so it would be great if they could go together. It is always less stressful for two to go to a new farm together!


Sally (Bred to Arrowhead) $350

Crickview Ranch Shotgun Sally - Type B
Pygora Doe

After being bred on our farm and then sold, Sally came back to us in 2018 when we bought her and her son, Benelli together. She is a sweet old girl, with very soft fleece. This is a VERY OLD PICTURE of Sally. I will try to get a current one up. 

-3rd place OFFF 2008 or 2009?

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