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Updated 4/17/18




Arrowhead Chocolate

Hawks Mt. Ranch Arrowhead Chocolate - BUCKLING

I was on the waiting list for two years until this guy came along and I couldn't be more happy. He's the total package - laid back personality, very balanced conformation, and a very strong Type B that I am breeding for. And a beautiful brown to boot. I can't wait to see what kind of babies this guy is going to throw for me. 

Champion Jr. Buck, OFFF 2017



Dom - For Sale! See Sale page

Dominic Torreto - BUCKLING 

Dominic is from a good friend of mine, Erica Brown, and is a happy, very friendly guy. Nice big boned boy with lots and lots of fleece. I think he may lean toward a Type A, but we can see as he grows.

Reserve Champion Jr. Buck, OFFF 2017




Crickview Ranch Frisk - BUCKLING

Frisk is out of Leia and Vino, both of which are getting older and I realized I needed to keep some of their lineage. I think his fleece is going to be exactly what I'm looking for in my breeding program, but that will remain to be seen as he grows. He is an extremely sweet, friendly boy and I love him.

4th place, Jr. buck 6-12 months, OFFF 2017




Crickview Ranch Scrumpy - BUCKLING

Scrumpy is out of Twink and Vino and is another buckling that I kept because some of my best goats are getting older. Scrumpy is named after a beverage that is like hard cider. When he was younger he was very close to the color of cider, but has whitened as he's gotten older. I still hope he may throw some caramels. He has incredible fleece like his parents. 

1st place, Jr. buck 0-6 months, OFFF 2017


VinoGChampRibbonsIMG 6171


Applebright Farm Vino Rosso - BUCK,
Type B

Vino is a beautiful boy and has produced some gorgeous kids for us. He is a friendly boy and generally pretty easy to handle for buck. He was grand champion two years in a row at OFFF, although the first year he was the only little buck in the show, so it not quite the same as winning out of a class. 

Grand Champion Jr. Buck, OFFF 2010
Grand Champion Sr. Buck, OFFF 2011



Sebastion-For Sale! See Sale page

Crickview Ranch Sebastion - WETHER, Type B

This boy was definitely an ugly duckling story. When he was a kid, I felt bad for him because, dispite that fact that he was extremely friendly and lovable, I thought him quite homely, and thought his fleece whimsy. Then it seemed like overnight - presto - he was growing a fleece and growing it fast. And what a fleece it was! This boy is out of Twink, by Vino.

Wins  - Grand Champion Wether, Best Wether Fleece, and Judges Choice Best Fleece, OFFF 2014

- Grand Champion Wether, OFFF 2017

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