Pygora Bucks

Updated 4/12/17


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Applebright Farm Vino Rosso - BUCK,
Type B

Vino is a beautiful boy and has produced some gorgeous kids for us. He is a friendly boy and generally pretty easy to handle for buck. He was grand champion two years in a row at OFFF, although the first year he was the only little buck in the show, so it not quite the same as winning out of a class. :-)

Grand Champion Jr. Buck, OFFF 2010
Grand Champion Sr. Buck, OFFF 2011




Crickview Ranch Sebastion - WETHER, Type B

This boy was definitely an ugly duckling story. When he was a kid, I felt bad for him because, dispite that fact that he was extremely friendly and lovable, I thought him quite homely, and thought his fleece whimsy. Then it seemed like overnight - presto - he was growing a fleece and growing it fast. And what a fleece it was! This boy is out of Twink, by Vino.

Wins  - Grand Champion Wether, Best Wether Fleece, and Judges Choice Best Fleece, OFFF 2014

- Grand Champion Wether, OFFF 2017

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