Pygora Does

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Crickview Ranch Clarabell Rings - Type B

Clara Bell is a very sweet tempered little girl, and I enjoy having her in our herd. She is out of a reserve champion doe named Nicki (out of Leia) that I have sent on to a new home, and she sired by Vino. She has a lovely, tiny curl to her fleece, and good coverage. Very nice balanced conformation to go along with that fleece. Just a great little doe!

-First Place 6-12 months, OFFF, 2014

-Reserve Champion Senior Doe, OFFF 2016


DillyOFFF2017IMG 4653Dilly-B


Crickview Ranch Dilly - Type A 

Dilly is out of Twink by Hawthorne (Hawthorne lives with Erica Brown now). She had some health issues when she was little but she has overcome them and is now a plump healthy girl. Lovely tiny ringlets in her fleece and great consistency. 

-First place, Sr. Doe 2-4 years, OFFF 2017




Crickview Ranch Journey - Type B

Journey has a lovely dense fleece and very solid conformation. She is out of Leia by Vino and carries many of their great traits. Can't wait to see how she grows up.

-Second Place 6-12 months, OFFF, 2016

-Grand Champion Doe, OFFF, 2017


LeiaOFFF2010IMG 5335web


Chimera Creek Ranch Leia - Type B

Leia is one of the sweetest does in my herd, definitely a favorite. She has excellent confirmation and consistant, lovely fiber, and a gentle, friendly personality to boot. She is a complete package! She is getting older now, and I plan to retire her from breeding. 

-Reserve Champion Jr. Doe, OFFF 2010

-Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, OFFF 2012


LillibetOFFF2017IMG 4657


Crickview Ranch Lillibet 

Lillibet is Twink's daughter and has inherited many of her mother's outstanding traits. She was a lovely strawberry blond when she was born and has lightened as she has gotten older, but I hope that she will throw some beautiful caramel babies for us in the future.

-1st place, 0-6 months Jr. Doe, OFFF 2017


LovelyOFFF2017IMG 4661

Lovely Dovely

Crickview Ranch Lovely Dovely

Lovely is Leia's daughter and had a slow start because she was the "third wheel" of Leia's triplets, and I ended up supplementing her with a bottle. She is just the sweetest girl, just like her mom. I love her fleece and think she will show better when she gets bigger and catches up with the other goats after her slow start.

-4th place, 6-12 months Jr. Doe, OFFF 2017




Chimera Creek Ranch Twinkle Toes - Type B

Twinkle Toes has great confirmation and gobs of outstanding fleece, lovely long curls with Type A characteristics, though she is registered as a Type B fleece. She has thrown some amazing babies for us the last few years, many placing very well in shows. She is getting older, and I may not breed her again.

-Washington County Fair Reserve Champion Jr. Doe 2008
-First Place 6-9 months, OFFF 2008
-First Place 18-24 months, OFFF, 2009


WiniSide-IMG 7046


WiniSideIMG 6743

Verdant Vistas Winifred - PBA, Type C

Wini is the last of my original does to still be here on the farm with us. She has thrown some wonderful babies over the years, but I have retired her from breedingShe has absolutely fabulous Type C fiber that I shear once a year in the spring - by then it has a wonderful 3 inch staple length but still oh-so-soft. In the picture to the left she is just about to be sheared. In the second picture she has just had a haircut!

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