Pygora Does

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Crickview Ranch Clarabell Rings - Type B

Clara Bell is a very sweet tempered little girl, and I enjoy having her in our herd. She is out of a reserve champion doe named Nicki (out of Leia) that I have sent on to a new home, and she sired by Vino. She has a lovely, tiny curl to her fleece, and good coverage. Very nice balanced conformation to go along with that fleece. Just a great little doe!

-First Place 6-12 months, OFFF, 2014

-Reserve Champion Senior Doe, OFFF 2016


DillyOFFF2017IMG 4653Dilly-B


Crickview Ranch Dilly - Type A 

Dilly is out of Twink by Hawthorne (Hawthorne lives with Erica Brown now). She was a slow start when little but she has out grown that and is now a plump healthy girl. Lovely tiny ringlets in her fleece and great consistency. 

-First place, Sr. Doe 2-4 years, OFFF 2017




Crickview Ranch Journey - Type B

Journey has a lovely dense fleece and very solid conformation. She is out of Leia by Vino and carries many of their great traits. Can't wait to see how she grows up.

-Second Place 6-12 months, OFFF, 2016

-Grand Champion Doe, OFFF, 2017


LeiaOFFF2010IMG 5335web


Chimera Creek Ranch Leia - Type B

Leia is one of the sweetest does in my herd, definitely a favorite. She has excellent confirmation and consistant, lovely fiber, and a gentle, friendly personality to boot. She is a complete package! She is getting older now, and she is retired from breeding

-Reserve Champion Jr. Doe, OFFF 2010

-Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, OFFF 2012


LillibetOFFF2017IMG 4657


Crickview Ranch Lillibet 

Lillibet is Twink's daughter and has inherited many of her mother's outstanding traits. She was a lovely strawberry blond when she was born and has lightened as she has gotten older, but I hope that she will throw some beautiful caramel babies for us in the future.

-1st place, 0-6 months Jr. Doe, OFFF 2017


LovelyOFFF2017IMG 4661

Lovely Dovely

Crickview Ranch Lovely Dovely

Lovely is Leia's daughter and had a slow start because she was the "third wheel" of Leia's triplets, and I ended up supplementing her with a bottle. She is just the sweetest girl, just like her mom. I love her fleece and think she will show better when she gets bigger and catches up with the other goats after her slow start.

-4th place, 6-12 months Jr. Doe, OFFF 2017


WiniSide-IMG 7046


WiniSideIMG 6743

Verdant Vistas Winifred - PBA, Type C

Wini is the last of my original does to still be here on the farm with us, and is getting older. She has thrown some wonderful babies over the years, but I have retired her from breeding. She has absolutely fabulous Type C fiber that I shear once a year in the spring - by then it has a wonderful 3 inch staple length but still oh-so-soft. In the picture to the left she is just about to be sheared. In the second picture she has just had a haircut!



Twinkle Toes
Chimera Creek Ranch Twinkle Toes - Type B

We lost Twink in March, 2018. She was one of my first pygoras, and one of the foundation does that built my herd. Through the years, she has thrown some amazing babies, many placing as Champions and Reserve Champions in shows. Thanks for the good years, Twink!
-Washington County Fair Reserve Champion Jr. Doe 2008
-First Place 6-9 months, OFFF 2008
-First Place 18-24 months, OFFF, 2009

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