In memory of Fisher Schroeder
October 22, 2000 - March 19, 2015
We miss you desperately, Fisher

On March 19, 2015 my husband, our three boys, and my father-in-law where driving from North East Oregon where we live to California to meet friends for motorcycling in the dessert for spring break. They were pulling a large Toy Hauler trailer. Just past La Grande, Oregon on a mountainous part of the highway known for many accidents, the trailer began to fishtail violently and sent the vehicle and trailer into multiple, violent rolls. My two youngest sons, my husband and my father-in-law survived with mild to moderate injuries. My oldest boy, Fisher, 14 years old, did not survive. As so many know who have lost dear people, a loss like this is almost unbearable. We are so very thankful for the caring and prayers of our friends and family that have floated us through the desperate storm of grief. 

Fisher was a wonderful, kind, Christian boy who took time to help and encourage others of all ages. His loss was keenly felt at his school. The day after the accident, the teachers called together all the students to tell them of the accident. They asked if there was anyone who would like to tell a story about Fisher, and kids from kindergarten through eighth grade made their way to the front - for an hour, kids told their stories of Fisher, how he had stopped to help them tie their shoe, or throw the basketball back to them over and over so they could practice their shots, or how he took the time to talk to the new student at school. That morning, Fisher's classmates created the hashtag #LiveLikeFisher and the kids put up posters all over the walls and hallways at the school saying...

One saying can change a school!

LiveLikeFisher Art Blue

In addition to his kind, caring spirit, Fisher was a boy with many interests. He loved dirt biking with friends and family, boating, and especially loved snow skiing in the winter. He was also working diligently towards his black belt in Mixed Martial Arts, something he enjoyed for the mind and body coordination it requires. He had recently earned his purple belt  and planned to continue to work towards his black belt (Fisher's coach presented an honorary black belt for Fisher at Fisher's memorial service). Fisher had a big love for reptiles, and owned (and raised) geckos and chameleons. He was a HUGE rock hound, and loved to search high and low for special, rare rock and mineral specimens and had quite a large collection - and he knew the name of each one. He also enjoyed showing goats with his mom, and she has some very special memories of those times with Fisher. 

We are so glad that Fisher was able to enjoy all these many interests while he was alive, and have a full, enriched life. Our house is old and ugly and our old cars hardly run, but we are so glad we chose to spend our money and our time on our kids, and enrich Fisher's life while he was here. LIVE with your kids, everyone! You don't know how long you will have them.

We miss our Fisher boy terribly.

Five Schroeders

Grandpa, Dad, Fisher, and brothers Cooper and Chase

Fisher Dad Motorcycles croppedIMG 1655

Motorbiking in the mountains                           Receiving his purple belt

IMG 2203Fisher Surfing cropped IMG 1306

Fisher loved the pow!                                                                                       Wake surfing!

Fisher Goat Show croppedZeusWeb

Zeus, Fisher's favorite Panther Chameleon


Fisher showing goats with his mom at OFFF

Just a few of the items in Fisher's rock collection

We planted a beautiful little Scarlet Oak in our yard in Fisher's memory on his birthday, October 22, 2015. Some of Fisher's ashes where sprinkled in the hole before placing the tree so that a bit of him would become part of the mighty tree as it grows. Thank you to all our dear friends and family who helped prepare the area and plant the tree that evening.


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