Pygora Kids

Updated 5/14/17

Breedings for Spring 2017 Kids  

For more info, please feel free to contact me at  or 509-386-7920 

Our herd has tested free of CA, CSE, and Johnnes. All kids will be disbudded. We do ask for a non-refundable deposit to hold kids. Most kids are weaned around three months old and will be ready to go home at that time. We do not usually take returns because of biohazard control issues.

I have several yearlings and adult does FOR SALE.
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Breeding for Spring 2017 Kids


LeiaRibbonsOFFF2012IMG 6828

VinoGChampRibbonsIMG 6171Leia / Vino

Kidded on March 22

Triplets! Two bucklings and a doeling

LITTLE BOY BLUE (Buckling) - Possibly for sale??
$350 as a buck, $150 as a wether


This guy is such a cutey. Big boy who dwarfed his tiny sister when they were born. I may be retaining this little guy as a future buck in my herd. I will make the decision closer to weaning when I have a better idea of his fiber and conformation. If I don't keep him, he will be available as a buck or wether.


FRISK (Buckling) - Possibly for sale??
$350 as a buckling, $150 as a wether


Sweet little boy. He is catching up to his big brother as they grow and could be big beautiful boy.  Friendly laid back boy. Very happy, playful little guy. Very soft, dense fiber coming in. Really like this guys conformation too. Available as a buck or a wether.


LOVELY DOVELY (Doeling) - Retained


Just a very quiet, sweet girl. Just a bit shy although she is warming up to me now that I'm bottle feeding her. Her bigger brothers were pushing her out and she was not getting enough to eat so I have been supplementing her and she is doing much better. Still a small girl, but I think she will catch up. Such a sweet, delicate little girl!



Dilly-BVinoGChampRibbonsIMG 6171

Dilly / Vino

Kidded on March 27

Beautiful little black doeling

 GIDGET (Doeling) - For Sale $350


Gidget was teeny deny when she was born!  I think the smallest kid I've had born on the ranch. Not sure why she was so tiny because her mom is a fat butterball.  But other than size, this little girl is doing famously. She is full of vim and vigor, and I think will be quite a calm girl. She just settles down very quickly when you pick her up, and seems to enjoy being scratched. I am working on some better pictures of this cute, tiny girl!



twinkVinoGChampRibbonsIMG 6171

Twink / Vino

Kidded on April 1

Twinned two beautiful reddish caramels,
a buckling and a doeling

SCRUMPY (Buckling)  - Retained


I am so excited that Vino threw some caramel color this year! This boy looks like he could grow into something lovely, and so I plan to retaining him in my herd. 


LILLIBET (Doeling) - Retained


This little girl is such a pretty strawberry blond. I can't wait to see how she develops as she grows up! Her mother is getting older, so Gidget is a great doe to keep to carry on her line in my herd.


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