Welcome to Crickview Ranch

Updated 10/27/18

Currently breeding for 2019 kids! See the Kids page for more information!

I will have Shetland lambs available this Spring as well - More info to come!


Fun at OFFF 2018!

Our doe Dilly did a great job winning Grand Champion Doe!


My wether Sebastian won Grand Champion Wether and qualified for Permanent Grand Champ Status! (Pictured with new owner Maggy Graves)

Sebastian Grand Champ


My name is Kari (pronounced Kah-ree) Schroeder, and Crickview Ranch is located in Milton Freewater, Oregon (in Northeastern Oregon). I have been raising Pygora goats for over 10 years, and recently added some Guernsey and Nigerian Dwarves to the herd. After years of working with the beautiful fleeces of the Pygoras (I occasionally have fiber for sale), I am excited to try dairy goats and hopefully make some yummy cheese! I also own a few Shetland sheep, and will have fleece and lambs available as well.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to chat. 
Please feel free to call 509-386-7920
or email at crickview@pocketinet.com

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