French Bulldogs


Litter planned for Lulu’s next cycle, so we are just waiting for her decided when that is going to be!

When we have a litter:

I am happy to answer questions or send pictures of the puppies, so please feel free to contact us with questions! For more information on the puppies, please contact me at or 509-386-7920 or on facebook messenger (I’m listed as Kari Berecz Schroeder)

All puppies are AKC registerable, and come with limited registraton unless other arrangements are made (additional fee for full registration). All puppies will leave with appropriate puppy vaccinations and wormings for their age and a veterinary health check. Both parents have tested clear for common health problems for Frenchies and were chosen for good open nostrils to avoid breathing problems. Though these dogs are not show dogs, we are breeding for solid French Bulldog conformation, as well as happy, healthy dogs. 

We have a puppy sales contract that outlines our health guarantees and other stipulations for puppies purchased. To reserve a puppy, a signed contract as well as a a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required. 

Please scroll past parent info for info on the puppies!


 Dam - Lulu

Crickview Skip To My Lulu NP50355401

Blue Sable with Tan Points

We love Lulu’s beautiful blue sable coloring with tan points. For a female, she has quite a lovely big head, and we love her expressive face. She weighs around 24 pounds so is solid girl. Lulu is a sweet girl who is very independent. She loves her people, but is not clingy or demanding, and we enjoy that about her. Lulu has tested clear of all common genetic disorders for Frenchies.

Lulu’s genetic testing results


Sire - Ollie

Laroc’s Twisted Ollie Ollie Oxen Free NP50839601

Blue Brindle, Carries Tan Points

Ollie is a nice dark blue brindle, and has a beautiful massive head that is quite striking. He is a big boy weighing around 32 pounds, but he still thinks he fits in your lap!  Ollie is a lover, and is everyone’s best friend. Very happy-go-lucky personality!  He has tested clear of all common genetic disorders for Frenchies.

Ollie’s genetic testing results (breeder called him Mr. Twist)



Pink Collar Girl SOLD

Blue Fawn

Outgoing little girl who like to be in the thick of it and see whats going on!  Pretty sure she will be a blue fawn.


Yellow Collar Girl SOLD

Blue Fawn or Sable with Tan Points

This young lady is one spunky girl! Often the first up to see whats going on, and the last to bed. She wants to be a part of whats going on! She borders on dark blue fawn or light sable and definitely has tan points developing.


Red Collar Girl SOLD

Blue Brindle

Sweet little girl who is a little more quiet and laid back then her go get 'em sisters. She is looking like a blue brindle right now, but does have a stip of white on her chest. 


Purple Collar Boy SOLD

Blue Brindle or Blue Sable?

This boy is a big boy! He seems to be a laid back kinda guy, and happy to roll with the punches. His color seems to be lighter than the other blues, but seems to be remaining blue rather than turning sable like we thought he might.


Lime Collar Boy SOLD

Blue Brindle

This young man is about middle size and I think it the brains of the bunch. Seems to be a studios quiet personality - and he was the first one to figure out what the litter box was for in their pen, so he’s a smart little guy. Looks to be a solid blue brindle at this point, but does have a teeny tiny white spot on his chest. 


Orange Collar Boy

SOLD Blue Brindle

This guy is another chubby little guy. Right now seems to be a quite, gentle boy who is happy to let someone else check out anything new. I think will be a blue brindle with a streak of white on his chest. 


Teal Collar Boy SOLD

Blue Brindle


This fellow is about medium size compared to the other pups, and seems to be a quiet, easy going. He is looking solid blue brindle. 


Navy Collar Boy SOLD

Blue Brindle

This guy is middle of the pack for size, and a laid back, cuddling kinda guy. Goes with the flow and happy to snuggle up. Looks to be solid blue brindle at this point. 



Our little runt - He took awhile to catch up but is now at his new home!


Blue Brindle

This is our little runt. No new pics because he is not for sale until we see how he does. The vet has checked him over and he seems to be healthy just is quite small and not growing much. He also looks to be solid blue brindle with tan points showing up. 

Past Puppies

Green Collar Boy Sit 2020Green-Boy-L-face

Dark Green Collar Boy 2020

Blue Brindle


This boy looked solid blue brindle from the time he was little and definitely turned out solid blue in the end! He looks alot like his dad!

Light Pink Girl Chubby2Light-Pink-Girl-R-side

Light Pink Collar Girl 2020

Blue Fawn

This little girl went to live in California with some friends or ours, and her name is Chubby. She looked like a blue fawn when she was little, and sure enough, she grew up to be a blue fawn! Has a face is very similar to her mama’s.


Dark-Pink-Girl-faceDark Pink Girl sweater

Dark Pink Collar Girl 2020 


Blue Brindle with Tan Points

When this little girl was tiny it was hard to tell if she would be blue brindle or blue sable. She ended up on the blue brindle side with those cute tan points. Such a cute face.


Orange Blazie pool

Orange Collar Girl 2020

Blue Brindle


This little blue brindle girl was the runt of our litter for this year, but she grew up just fine! She still lives in our town and we get regular photo updates of her escapades. Her name is Blazie and she is definitely a trail blazer! 

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