French Bulldogs

Updated Aug 9, 2020

All puppies SOLD!
We hope to have another
beautiful litter next year!


All puppies are AKC registerable. Prices will start at $3500 for limited registraton. All puppies will leave with first puppy vaccinations and a veterinary health check. Both parents have tested negative for common health problems for frenchies and were chosen for good open nostrils to avoid breathing problems. Though these dogs are not show dogs, we are breeding for solid conformation and healthy dogs. We recommend that all pups have a visit to your veterinarian within a week of purchase to verify a healthy puppy.

A minimal puppy sales contract will need to be signed and a non-refundable deposit of $500 placed to hold a puppy. (Refunded if puppy is returned for not passing a vet health exam).

Please contact us with questions or if you would like to put a deposit down on a puppy!

Scroll past parent info for pics and info on the puppies!


Dam - Lulu                                             Sire - Ollie



Crickview Skip To My Lulu NP50355401
Blue Sable with Tan Points

Lulu is a sweet girl who is very independent. She loves her people, but is not clingy or demanding, and we enjoy that about her. She is a nice cobby girl with a beautiful head. She weighs around 24 pounds so is a nice solid girl. We love Lulu’s beautiful blue sable coloring with the tan point accents. Lulu has tested clear of all common genetic disorders for Frenchies.

Lulu’s sire, Love My Channing (Photo Courtesy of AND Lulu’s dam, Crickview Niki Nacky Nocky Noo


Below are Lulu’s genetic testing results



Laroc’s Twisted Ollie Ollie Oxen Free NP50839601
Blue Brindle, Carries Tan Points

Ollie is a lover, and just wants everyone to be his best friend. Very happy-go-lucky personality and always ready to go do something fun. When we are out in public, he doesn’t know a stranger, and is always looking for a good scratch or pat in the head. Ollie has a beautiful head and minimal brindling. He is on the larger side weighing around 32 pounds, but still small enough that he thinks he fits in your lap! He has tested clear of all common genetic disorders for Frenchies.

Ollie’s Sire, Love My Winston (Photos courtesy of


Below are Ollie's genetic testing results (breeder called him Mr. Twist)


The puppies grow so fast its hard to keep current photos!
Puppies are about 4 weeks old in these pics.


Black Collar Boy SOLD JB 

Blue Fawn/Sable with Tan Points


This little guy is one of the small pups but is still nice a plump little potato. He is showing tans points (see the tan under his tail). As he gets older he is lightening up and I think will be more of a fawn than sable. Sweet, freindly little guy! No white on this little guys chest. He looks like he has a black mask here but I think that will go away has his hair fills in. The parents don’t carry any mask genetics. Seems to be a very laid back little guy, and and pretty calm.


Blue Collar Boy $3500 SOLD BS


Blue/Blue Brindle

This boy is a big boy! He is one of the biggest rolly-pollyist in the litter! He is looking like a blue right now, and he may be solid or develop some brindling. He does not seem to exhibit tan points but could carry them genetically. He does not have any white on his chest so is a solid blue. He has a large and in charge personality! Always the first one to start playing and always looking for someone to rough house with.


Dark Green Collar Boy SOLD LW


Blue/Blue Brindle


This pudgy big boy is the biggest in the litter right now and is basically twins with his big blue collared brother. Looks like he will be blue/blue brindle. He does not exibit tan points but could carry them, and he does have a very faint white spot on his chest. Very sweet mellow boy, though he never lets an opportunity to play pass him by.


Purple Collar Boy SOLD AG


Blue/Blue Brindle

This is the third of our three chunky monkey boys. As this boy gets older, it looks like he will be a bluye/blue brindle. He doesn’t show tan points but could carry them. This guy does have a medium amount of white on his chest, and its hard to tell in this little pic of his face but I think he’s developing a little white goatee on his chin as well! Another sweet boy who seems to be laid back and easy going at this point. 


Light Pink Collar Girl  SOLD GF


Blue Fawn

This little girl is one or our smaller pups but is still full of energy and life. She is often in the middle of all the play! She is the lightest colored of all the pups and looks like she will be a blue fawn. Still unsure about whether she is exibiting any tan points since her color is so light. No white on her chest.



Dark Pink Collar Girl SOLD VR


Blue or Blue Sable with Tan Points


This little girl will very likely look like her mama. Looks like she will be a blue sable with tan points (see tan around her tail). At this point she is a medium sized puppy. There might be a very, very faint white spot on her chest but we are waiting to see if it decides to come out and show itself or will fade away! Sweet quiet girl, seems to have a gentle personality at this point.



Seafoam Green Collar Girl SOLD CD

Blue or Blue Sable with Tan Points


This is another little girl that looks to be taking after her mom. Blue sable and tan points (see tan around her little tail). This little girl also has a bit of white on her chest. She looks like she has a dark mask but i think that will go away as she grows becuase the parents do not carry the masking gene. She is one of our smallest puppies in the litter, but is still full of energy! She is a sweet, quiet girl also. 



Orange Collar Girl $3500 SOLD LG


Blue or Blue Brindle

A sweet little blue/blue brindle girl. She doesn’t seem to be exibiting tan points but could carry the gene. She also has a little bit of white on her chest. She is one of the smallest pups in the little, but is always there in the middle of everything looking for her next meal! Just a little lover when you hold her.

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